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Deepak Bansal, founder and CEO of Clearpath Technology, a major player in the current IT marketing world, is the subject of the cover story in the October 2011 issue of The Smart Techie, an international magazine published both online and hard copy. Bansal proudly points out the importance of this exposure, citing that The Smart Techie is highly respected both in India and around the web world, geared as it is to, as Bansal says, "Smart young people," or, in other words, the web business entrepeneurs of the future.

The article, titled "Clearpath: SEO at its Best," chronicles the rapid growth of this company, based in India, and describes how its customer-based approach continues to serve a world wide network of clients.

The company is the brainchild of Mr. Bansal, who, in 2005 was a college student who intuitively understood the needs that would develop as more and more businesses developed online presences and faced the keen competition of the then-emerging use of search engines. He began small, in his home in India, with a staff of 6 employees and "a handful of clients." Now, 6 years later, his company numbers 550employees and currently serves 4500 active clients around the world. Such rapid success, the article states, is due to a number of factors.

Primary among these factors is its expertise in understanding and using the elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to make the client's website "search-engine friendly" so that it pops up first in the search list, how to make sure the site's content is exclusive, and how to keep up with the rapid changes that constantly occur, both in the marketplace and the web technology itself.

Another key factor in Clearpath's amazing growth is its approach to customer satisfaction. Given the fluidity both of the internet and its resources as well as the constantly changing map of the marketplace, Bansal feels it is important to develop and maintain a close personal relationship with clients. Says Bansal: "One of our first clients was the Canadian company, Technovate. We had such a close relationship with them that they even attended my marriage." Further proof that such a policy is important comes in the fact that Clearpath does not rely on advertising. Its growth comes from word of mouth, an approach so successful that, as the article claims, almost 40% of its business now comes from channel partners around the world.

This approach has clearly been successful; as the article states, "Since the company seldom makes any contract and most of the business dealings are trust based, it is obvious that the reason the clients stick to Clearpath is its expertise in monitoring and adapting to the marketplace."

Bansal attributes the success of his company to another factor as well: pricing. The speed of change in the IT marketplace demands that the client-supplier relationship has longevity. Because the number of SEO companies are rather few, the article states, Clearpath is not facing much competition. "Yet the company has never changed its price; the price has remained the same from day one."

This approach to customer satisfaction on many fronts contributes to just a part of Clearpath Technology's impressive growth. In addition, however, is the way in which Bansal has understood and met the various challenges his start-up company faced.

Among these challenges is the fact that, back in 2005 when he began, he realized that the business environment in India was not ready to deal with the sophisticated demands of SEO. The same held true, to a lesser extent, in companies around the world. Therefore, potential clients had to be educated to the demands of this tool. Given that, Bansal decided not to concentrate on Indian companies, but rather to focus on foreign markets. However, as he now states: "The situation has changed now. The Indian business system has evolved a lot and the companies have started coming forward for SEO. I would say now the domestic market is equal or better than the U.S. market."

Bansal is happy with the success of his company, but not content. The article states that he plans for Clearpath Technology to become "the biggest player in the SEO segment." Given the fast growth of the company, given its strongly based customer-centered policies, given its thorough understanding of how to use SEO to help companies improve their web presence, and given its commitment to attracting, training and keeping high quality employees, Bansal's brain child seems clearly poised to become just that.

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