How to Assemble a Replacement Throttle Body Injector

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    Removing the Old Injector(s)

    • 1). Relieve the fuel system pressure by removing the fuel pump fuse or relay. Start the engine and let it stall after it consumes the fuel in the supply line. Replace the fuse or relay.

    • 2). Disconnect the ground battery cable using a wrench. This is the black cable or the one connected to the battery post with the (-) sign next to it.

    • 3). Remove the air cleaner assembly, which provides fresh air to the intake system. The assembly contains the air filter and it connects to the throttle body, on top of the intake manifold, where the injector mounts. Use a Phillips screwdriver and a small ratchet, short ratchet extension and socket.

    • 4). Unplug the electrical connector from the top of the fuel injector.

    • 5). Cover the throttle body opening, under the fuel injector, with a clean shop rag to prevent screws or any other small components from falling through the throttle body opening by accident.

    • 6). Unfasten the screws from the injector retainer bracket with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the bracket from the throttle body assembly. On some vehicle models, the fuel meter cover holds the fuel injector in place. Just remove the four or six screws holding the cover to the rest of the assembly and lift the cover off the assembly. Some throttle bodies come equipped with two injectors instead of one, but they sit next to each other.

    • 7). Note how the injector(s) sits on the fuel charging or meter assembly, depending on your particular model, so that you sit the new injector(s) in the same position.

    • 8). Lift the injector carefully out of the meter assembly by hand. On some models, you may need to use a pair of slip joint pliers to pull the injector(s) out of its housing. Then remove any O-rings and washers from the injector-mounting base. Place each component in order on a clean surface so that you replace them in their correct order with the new components that come with your kit.

    Install the New Injector(s)

    • 1). Compare the components included with your kit so that you know which ones you are replacing. Also, apply the special lubricant to the O-rings in your new kit, as described by the manufacturer in the instructions sheet of your new kit.

    • 2). Install the new O-rings and washers inside the injector(s) mounting base. Sit the new injector(s) in place by hand. If necessary, carefully push the injector in place with your thumbs only. Make sure the new injector(s) is sitting correctly.

    • 3). Replace the bracket or fuel meter cover to secure the new injector(s) in place using the Phillips screwdriver.

    • 4). Remove the shop rag from the throttle body opening.

    • 5). Plug in the fuel injector(s) electrical connector(s).

    • 6). Replace the air cleaner assembly using the Phillips screwdriver and the small ratchet, short ratchet extension and socket.

    • 7). Connect the ground battery cable using the wrench.

    • 8). Turn the ignition key on for five seconds and then turn it off for five seconds. Cycle the ignition key on and off four more times to pressurize the fuel system.

    • 9). Start the engine to make sure the injector is working properly and then turn off the engine.

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