How to Get Hidden Playlist on Tumblr

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    • 1). Visit the Hypster homepage, which is listed in the References section below, and click “Register.” Enter your desired username, email address and password into the relevant boxes and click “Register.” Click “Save” on the next page.

    • 2). Enter the names of the song you wish to add to your playlist into the “Enter Song or Artist Name” box and click “Search.” Click the “Add” button to add these songs to your playlist. To search for another song, enter its title or the artist name into the white box at the top of the screen.

    • 3). Click “My Account” when you have every song you want in your playlist. Click the cassette icon on the right side of the page, then click “Classic.” Click the “Wordpress” icon beneath “Embed Code” then double-click on the code that appears to copy it to your clipboard.

    • 4). Paste the code into Notepad. Delete everything from the start of the code up until the first “<” before the word “embed.” Then delete everything from “<br/>” until the end of the code. Change any instance of the numbers “300” and “370” to “15.” Change the word “newplayer” to “player” and “false” to “true” in the text.

    • 5). Go to your Tumblr account. Click “Customize,” “Theme” then “Custom HTML” and paste the code that’s left anywhere after the “<body>” tag in your current Tumblr theme’s HTML. Click “Save.” The next time your Tumblr page is loaded an automatically playing hidden playlist will be there.

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