Revealed - Squeeze Page Secrets

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To make big money on the Web, you need to have a direct pipeline to prospective customers.
E-mail marketing is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way of reaching an audience.
In order to conduct an e-mail marketing campaign; however, you need subscribers.
The bigger the list of subscribers you have to communicate with, the more money you make.
Therefore, the more people you can convince to subscribe to your list, the higher your income.
So how do you convince more people to subscribe to your list? You fine tune your squeeze page.
A squeeze page is the page where you direct visitors to sign up for your e-mail list.
The squeeze page is the most important page on your website, yet many people fail to perfect this page for maximum results.
To improve your squeeze page's conversion rate, follow these simple tips: o Put your opt-in form "above the fold.
" Visitors should not have to scroll down to see the sing up box - put it on the top of the page where it's instantly visible.
o Eliminate all other leaks or distractions on the page.
Advertisements, links, or information that does not relate specifically to your newsletter will only distract visitors.
Keep their attention focused on the opt-in form by removing any other elements from your page.
o Call the visitor action.
Tell people what you want them to do - sign up! Don't be shy - the call to action is essential to turning visitors into buyers.
Spell out the benefits of subscribing ...
and then tell people to join!
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