Becoming An Interior Decorator

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Before we ask if you want to become an interior decorator, we should ask, what is an Interior Decorator? An interior decorator has a misunderstood job. Many imagine an interior decorator picking out ornate colors, dealing with fancy fabrics and generating creative work every second of the day.

This isn't really the way it is. Interior decorators make sales, organize and consistently have their eye on details - even the most minute. Design is also about monetary aspects that one wouldn't usually think of. For instance, make sure that bills are recorded correctly, having enough supplies, knowing you can pay for enough supplies, the list goes on and on - and the kicker: making it look like being successful did not take a great amount of effort.

When comparing the reality of being an interior decorator with the fantasy one had of working in interior design, some might not even consider the job. However, for some, when they began the work, it became addicting, no matter how discordant expectations and reality were.

The job is by no means bad. Just difficult. Here are some advantages and perks to being an interior decorator:

There is a small group of people that you deal with within a city and you get to interact with them regularly. These people are intensely creative and strong-willed.

By working as an interior decorator, you are given a wide amount of freedom in the ability to use your own creativity.

There is a generous amount of opportunity to advance.

It is an expanding field and one that will continue to expand. We will always have structures that need interior decorators.

There are also many types of interior decorators. There are residential interior decorators that provide service for homes. There is also commercial design jobs in which you could work for businesses. There are also varieties of jobs within these fields, for instance a project manager, or one who micro-managers a smaller element of another interior decorators job. You could also work in positions closely related to interior design: such as working for larger firms that do interior decoration or employment opportunities that deal with a smaller element of interior design (a painter for instance).

Once you get these positions, how much should one expect to be paid? There is a wide variety of amounts that are paid within interior design. One may start as a junior level assistant making near 20,000 dollars and then become a partner and make more than ten times that. Generally speaking, the more specialized of an interior decorator you are, the more you should be able to make.

If you know that being an interior decorator is not a constantly flowery, or particularly easy job; you know the amount of work that goes into interior designer, and the benefits, and still want to take the plunge into starting a new career, then by all means take that first step.
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