What Are the Different Colors of House Shingles?

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    Complementary colors

    • Complementary shingle colors accent a home's architecture. These can highlight features like brick, wood, paint and trim. There are several shingle colors to choose from in the color family of reds, browns, blues, grays, greens, whites and even black. Shingle granules or the bits comprising asphalt shingles allow for greater color variations like ash brown, summer harvest and green mist. Composite roofing shingles have a variety of ingredients that go into their manufacture. As a result, they are available in a even a wider variety of colors. Cedar shingles are only available in their wood-colored finish but may be painted.

    Darker colors

    • Darker shingles are those that have sharper and deeper colors. Examples include dark reds, blues, greens, grays, browns and blacks. Darker shingle colors provide a contrast to other parts of the home.

    Lighter colors

    • Lighter-colored shingles can provide a softer contrast to darker parts of a home's architecture. These can include light grays, whites, beige or tan. Reds, blues and greens are also available in much softer or muted tones.

    Intermixed colors

    • In addition to asphalt granules providing extra pigment, roofs can be designed using more than one shingle color. A myriad or intermixed effect combines several shingle colors to create a unique and attractive roof. Alternating blues and grays or greens and browns can provide added aesthetics that enhance a home's appearance. Roof patterns (diamonds, squares) can also be made using different colors of shingle.

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