How to Find a Job With a Temporary Agency

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      Signing up with more than on Temporary Job Services is acceptable

      The first step to finding a temporary job is to locate and sign up with temporary job placement agencies or temporary job services. Conduct research on the internet or visit your local library to find agencies which specialize in your talents. For example, if you have an accounting background, sign up with agencies specializing in temporary accounting jobs. Once you sign up, send a handwritten thank you note to the agency thanking them for accepting your application.

    • 2). Accept as many temporary job assignments as you possibly can. Just because you want next Monday off does not mean that you should take it off. There will always be someone waiting for the temporary job if you don't take it. Also, temporary agencies tend to skip over people who are not reliable in taking jobs. After you've completed a job, send another handwritten thank you note to the supervisor on the job.

    • 3). Always dress appropriately when looking for temporary work - belly button rings should be reserved for the beach and not seen when looking for jobs. Men: wear a tie when searching for work - you'll standout and people will remember you.

    • 4). Think of what type of stores use seasonal employees and visit these type of establishments. Go to the Human Resources department to inquire about short-term jobs they may have - note: these types of jobs may not be advertised so make SURE you do visit in person. Leave your resume or business card even if there are no current jobs.

    • 5). Network with past colleagues to get the word out that you're looking for work. Build an email list and send a note monthly.

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