How Web 2.0 Social Marketing Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business

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Anybody that has been around the network marketing industry for any length of time knows how hard it is to try and recruit new prospects.
Even if you're new to the industry you have probably heard some of the horror stories.
Statistics show that over 90% of all network marketers quit and on average they only sponsor 3 new people.
Why is it that in an industry that offers so much the turnover rate is so high and the results are so poor? It's because most network marketers lack the skills it takes to do proper sales and marketing.
They try doing what their up line suggests with the names list, the 3 foot rule, leads lists and cold calls.
They do this month after month until they reach their limit or max out the credit card.
Once they are at that point they either quit or move on and blame it on the MLM opportunity or their own lack of a big enough reason why.
Maybe these things have happened to you or to someone you know and you're looking for the answer because you know its out there.
The good news is there is a better way its called web 2.
0 social marketing.
You may be asking what is web 2.
0 social marketing? Web 2.
0 also referred to as social marketing or social media is an environment where you can interact with content on the web.
Interact with others, post articles, make websites or add and view videos like on YouTube without knowing how to do even basic html.
Now you may be thinking how is this going to help my network marketing business? Web 2.
0 social marketing sites like MySpace and YouTube are growing at an exponential rate.
Statics show that they are doubling in size every 6 months.
You can get yourself in front of this massive wave and have an endless stream of new prospects.
This is huge! There are thousands of web 2.
0 sites out there and you can put yourself on them for little or no cost.
Social marketing is a gold mine ready for the picking.
My advice to you is if you are not already using social media for internet marketing success, to get on or get left behind.
Web 2.
0 is the next generation wave to hit the internet and it gives the average person the same marketing results for little or no cost that was previously only available to those with funds to carry out expensive ad campaigns.
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