How Do I Remove the Transmission on a Ford Focus?

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    • 1). Raise the front of the Focus with your floor jack and securely support it on the jack stands. Disconnect the back yoke and move the driveshaft forward using your crowbar. Slide the pan directly under the rear of the transmission and stick a rag in the back of the transmission to prevent fluid leakage.

    • 2). Disconnect the modulator vacuum line and the transmission oil filler tube. Remove the clamp holding the speedometer cable to the transmission and slide it through the firewall to remove it. Disconnect the wires attached to the transmission.

    • 3). Take your tube wrench and disconnect the cooler line from the transmission. Disconnect the rear transmission mount and the exhaust tube from the transmission. Using your wrench and socket set, remove the bell housing and then take off the cover over the transmission and engine.

    • 4). Use your ratchet set to disconnect the mounting torque converter bolts beneath the bell housing. Take your crowbar and pry the converter off so that you have easy access to the bolts around the converter.

    • 5). Place your transmission jack beneath the transmission oil pan and raise it so that it supports the transmission under the frame of the Focus. Use your jack clamps to securely attach the transmission to the transmission jack. Use your socket set to disconnect the cross member that supports the transmission.

    • 6). Roll the transmission jack slowly toward the back of the Focus, allowing the transmission to lower along with it. Make sure that the transmission has plenty of clearance while lowering it and that nothing is still attached to it.

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