Aeon Guide Review - How Does the SWTOR Aeon Guide Work?

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Do you want to find out more about the SWTOR Aeon Guide that was recently released and the types of strategies included inside? These guides come with the latest information about the Star Wars: The Old Republic game.
It is a set of professionally written guides on this game, and there are very few strategy guides on the game at the moment.
The guides cover all aspects of the game, including PVP, leveling, soloing, questing, itemization, stats, end game, tanking, DSPing, healing, grouping and end game tactics.
How Have the Aeon Guide Strategy Guides Worked for Me Thus Far?
This guide has definitely saved me many hours of research and playing as compared to how I was doing before I started following the methods in this guide.
It has helped me to establish the perfect build and save time by maximizing all the capabilities of the characters.
The PVP strategies have been some of the most effective I have used in this game thus far, leveling up my guys far better than any other methods I have learned from the Internet and gaming forums.
Why is it Important to Learn the Best Optimized Builds in Aeon Guide when Playing The SWTOR Game?
If you have experience with playing this game, you probably already know how important having the right builds are to progress quickly in the game.
Many players are willing to do many things and spend lots of time just to make small tweaks.
The Aeon Guide covers healer and tank builds as well as itemization and gear strategies to maximize those builds.
All the research is documented in the PDF guides, showing all the testing results and mathematical results of using various items and rotations for different builds.
Does the Aeon Guide Strategy Guide Really Work and Can You Trust the Creators of it?
From what I have seen inside so far, the guides are written by some of of the top players in MMO guilds.
I have to admit that I was not very used to some of the faster, more advanced strategies and how to apply them.
If you have been too used to doing things your own way, you are probably going to be surprised at the advanced PVP builds and leveling methods inside.
The class guides included showed me exactly where to put every talent point that I get to maximize my spells and abilities.
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