Part 2 Drop a Bomb on Your Depressing MLM Business and Earn an Intelligent Income Using the Internet

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Jeff chose the MLM business and began fulfilling tasks that he lost money on.
When he would confront top money earners after hearing them speak on stage they would avoid him and put up a wall.
On stage they were exciting and provocative sharing their heartfelt stories of going from rags to riches but were aloof in person.
More over Jeff did not benefit in chasing his friends and complete strangers to build a down line and make less money than selling products out of his car.
What emerged from his sub conscious was drop a bomb on your depressing MLM business because you are using a hope against hope stupid marketing strategies offered by an MLM and failing financially.
When he informed his sponsor his MLM was failing his sponsor responded classically.
Classic Sponsor Responses: 1) Contact more friends and family and sell them products 2) Keep handing out business card within 4 feet of yourself 3) Keep attending more company trainings 4) Bring more friends and family to attend the compensation plan presentations 5) Keep attending private house trainings and compensation plan presentations 5) When you run out of business cards, brochures, pamphlets, merchandising, hats, mugs,T- shirts, mouse pads buy more 6) Tell people you are on your way to creating a six figure residual income in 12 months part time from home 7) Bring an up line member with you to meet a prospect so they could convince them to join your MLM till you have experience in doing so and you are actually creating massive wealth yet 8) Keep buying a monthly minimal order of products even if you do not sell them 9) Buy samples to hand out to prospects for free 10) Drive as far as is necessary to get to trainings, house meetings, drop off products or car pool with people even if they were in it for a hobby 11) Most importantly get to a company event because that is really what your problem most definitely is.
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