How to Avoid PPC Mistakes

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Many people new to Internet Marketing make the same mistake.
They feel compelled to jump into the potential financial black hole known as PPC advertising.
Through my own experience,I have learned how to use Google and Ask on a limited basis to supplement my other traffic sources, while having complete control over all my costs.
The first mistake I made was allowing Ask and Yahoo to tell me that I had to have the auto refill option on to have my account with them.
The logic is that you never have to worry about you balance hitting zero and your ads not being displayed.
This sounds good at first, until you realize how much your credit card has been charged.
If you have the wrong keywords, you can spend $100's and even $1000's with nothing to show for it.
The solution to this is easy.
Email their customer support and request the auto refill be turned off.
Ask is very agreeable to this, while Yahoo is a little less cooperative.
Ask will allow you to add any amount of funds you wish.
This allows you complete control, and will make it possible for you set the amount you want to pay to test a product.
Yahoo will allow you to turn the auto refill off,but requires you to keep your balance at a certain level.
I personally canceled my Yahoo account and strictly use Ask and Google.
As a side note, Google does not require any kind of auto refill.
The second common mistake is using the most popular keywords.
Lets face it, the most common keywords are dominated by the "Gurus" .
They drive the cost per click of these keywords so high,the average Joe like you can't afford to compete.
You get a few "crumbs", but never front page exposure.
The solution is simple in concept, but takes time to implement.
Be creative.
Think about how you might search for your niche.
Think outside the box and don't be afraid to try something unusual.
When you have followed the previously discussed solution and taken control of your costs, you can start testing keywords.
My general rule of thumb, if you have 100 clicks and no sales, dump the ad and evaluate your keywords again.
The greatest advice to be given is to have a plan and stick to it.
PPC advertising is highly competitive and is getting more expensive every day.
Manage your money wisely and don't give up if you don't have immediate results.
Try to keep your Per Click costs .
50 or less.
Pick the right keywords and this is easy to do.
Another resource for you is to find a group of individuals with the same goals as you and forge a relationship with them.
Working together will increase your chances of surviving beyond a couple of months in the vicious world of online marketing while learning from others.
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