Review Of The New Eiffel Duvet Cover Set By Arya

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Arya Bedding never seems to surprise me with the eye-catching designs. Just recently, the Arya Collection launched a couple of new bedding sets. Each magnificent in its own way. There is one in particular that I could not keep my eyes off of and it was the Eiffel Duvet Set. There is no guessing that this bed covering must have the Eiffel Tower placed somewhere on the bedding. The duvet cover actually features a large display of the beautiful Eiffel Towel on a golden-yellow and black backdrop. We all know that the Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, the capital of France and one of the most romantic cities in the world. Take "Point Marine" for example. Point Marine is considered to be the bridge of lovers in Paris. Legend has it that if you kiss under the Point Marine and wish for eternal love, your wish will be granted.

Yes Paris is very romantic and that is why the Eiffel Bedding Set also features an adorable young couple in love dressed in wedding attire and featured on both the duvet cover and pillow shams. I never seen a bedding ensemble quite like this one. The French must love the Eiffel Bedding Set. Duvet Covers originated from France and is the common bed covering in all Europe. Duvet covers for the French are as popular as the comforters are for the Americans. Don't get me wrong, the duvet cover has also become quite popular in the US as well. Thousands of Americans per month search for this unique bed covering and have not gone back to the old comforter ever since. Why would they? The Comforter Cover has made life a lot simpler. Easy to wash and fun to redecorate. If you are looking for a unique and romantic duvet bedding set than look no further then the Arya Bedding Eiffel Duvet Set. It will have you saying 'je t'aime, meaning "I love you" in french.
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