Helpful Tips on How to Make Money on the Internet

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You've had all the spam emails claiming you can make hundreds or even thousands on the internet just by doing some small thing.
Yeah, right, there's near enough no chance those will work for anyone other than the spammer.
So what can you do if you want to find out how to make money on the internet? Start out by observing.
It's difficult to keep your wallet safely locked away at times - many of the people who advertise on the internet are world class copywriters who know exactly what buttons to push to get as many as people as possible to whip out their credit card.
But you need to get a handle on what's working online.
Maybe you are drawn to pages and pages of text - the websites that look like they're the sales page for War and Peace - or maybe you prefer the flashy videos and lots of noise.
This kind of observation should start to become second nature.
Narrow down what you want to do.
The subject of making money on the internet is massive.
You need to focus and home in on just one thing.
Do that well - ideally at least as well as your competition - and you're going in the right direction.
Make yourself a shortlist of ten or twenty possible "businesses" you can run - selling stuff on eBay, making websites that get clicks for Google AdSense, all that kind of thing - but narrowed down by topic.
So not just selling on eBay but selling non-allergenic hand made quilts with patterns that babies will like.
Get really, really focussed.
Almost stupidly so.
Especially when you're starting out, you need the "rush" of a quick sale and narrowing your focus will help here as you'll likely be one of the very few people in the world who are meeting that exact need.
One sale a month is fine for this.
Because you're not limited to that one niche.
You can move on to selling those same hand made quilts but this time those that appeal to grannies.
And then baby boomers.
And so on.
You can then hone your skills in these markets.
Sure, they're small but because you're offering precisely what they want to buy you're ahead of the curve just by being there.
The beauty of this is that internet is so vast that even seemingly miniature markets are actually quite large.
For instance, I make sales most days selling a hypnosis track for a problem almost no-one is aware even exists.
Promote your business.
Otherwise no-one will know it exists, apart from maybe Google's robots.
The promotion can take the form of an article such as this one, with a link at the end to your website.
In small markets, even one article will likely be enough.
In bigger markets, you'll need to do more promotion but the principle is the same.
As with every business, keep track of your overheads including the amount of time you spend.
If you're not careful, it's easy to become a "busy fool", chasing your own tail but not getting anywhere.
So monitor what you're doing and do more of the things that make you sales.
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