Mission Style Furniture - History Of The Arts & Crafts Style Decor

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Many are unaware that terms mission style decor and arts & crafts style decor are synonymous. Often times the terms are used interchangeably to describe furniture pieces and lighting fixtures typified by exacting straight lines, rectangular slats, usually constructed of wood, iron, or copper. Mission style table lamps and other light pieces are constructed with square wooden bases with colorful glass shades, creating timeless elegant piece that is both functional and artistic. The inherent characteristics of this style are functionality, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship.

Though the popularity of mission style furniture and lighting waned a bit after World War II ( a time during which modern designs were prominent) it resurfaced as a popular style in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. It remains popular across various manufacturers today.

True mission style furniture is actually crafted by hand. Todays versions however are machine made, but they still maintain the simplistic design and classic elegance. Because of its rugged appeal, craftsman style decor is best coupled with warm tones, resulting in an Earthy look and feel.

Mission style table lamps are unique pieces that boast clean lines, simple geometric shapes, adorned with a glass shade that may have accents of amber and jade. The rustic looking glass in mission style lighting comes in a cream or white color giving off subtle hints of amber when light passes through. The light emitted from these fixtures is typically dimmer, casting a softer glow.

The mission style look is very warm and inviting. It gives off a natural and comfortable feel to your home. Pieces are easy to coordinate given their consistent design and style. Given their popularity, its very easy to find mission style pieces at most furniture retailers. Mission style furniture and lighting is sure to add character and unique appeal to any space.
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